Memoir Quandary

Quandary — n pl -ries: a situation or circumstance that presents problems difficult to solve; predicament; dilemma [of uncertain origin; perhaps related to Latin quandō when]

Do I write a memoir, a book about my great grandmother’s “Life On The Prairie” in 1890s Oklahoma interspersed with tales of her great-great-great grandmother’s march across three states in January during the Revolutionary War, after the Tories burned down her house?  Or try my hand at a novel?  I’m torn and keep going back and forth between all three.  And, if a memoir, then one about my childhood, my hometown, my 20s in the living large 1980s, my Big Law firm experience as a new mom, post-divorce dating experiences, something else?  I want to pick one and start going … need some sort of start on a manuscript by November, b/c I’ve optimistically already signed up for a “critique and read” at that time, to motivate myself to Just Get It Done.  If I had one overwhelmingly horrific or exciting or exotic experience in my life it seems the choice would be easier — of course I would write about that.  But my life seems very ordinary so I have to make the ordinary universal, and interesting.


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