Ifly … skydiving for those of us who are scared of heights!

Ifly away...

After a day at Universal Studios we decided to try our hand at Ifly at CityWalk … essentially a jet engine or some other generator of wind blows from the bottom of a large glass funnel, strong enough to hold you off the ground.  It was about $228 for 4 people to take 2 trips each, plus DVD of the experience, and required a 30-minute wait and 4 minutes of instruction, then getting dressed in skydiving jumpsuit, goggles, earplugs and helmet.  It was a blast — my kids thought it was the favorite part of the entire day.  I would never, ever skydive — way too afraid of heights — so this was a nice compromise.  The first “trip” you experiment with the right body position — lay horizontally, with your arms like a goalpost at eye level and legs slightly bent, chin up, so you are slightly bowed.  The second trip, assuming you’ve learned generally how to do it, the instructor (who is with you the entire time inside the tunnel) grabs hold of you by part of your jumpsuit and they up the air power and up you go!  I’d say you go 15 feet high or so, and then turn in circles and sometimes dip down to the ground and then back up — that is a blast.  Then because that second trip with the instructor taking you up is so much fun, the kids and Jack decided to pay an extra $20 each for a third time in the wind tunnel.  That time is more like the first — they didn’t get to go as high, and the instructor didn’t grab them, but it was still fun.  The guy operating the wind machine is taking pictures during the flight, and you can buy those at $4 each afterwards.

Here is the link to their website  for all the scoop — Indoor Skydiving / Vertical Wind Tunnel – iFLY SF Bay

Not sure why the helmets, doesn’t seem the least bit dangerous to me.  And it was fun … kind of comes under the category of what will they think of next, as I would never have thought I’d be suspended by gusts of air in a glass funnel while crowds of people stood and watched.

We celebrated our successful flights with dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant at CityWalk, and the pizza and wine were both excellent.  Then, headed to Santa Monica for a night at Casa del Mar hotel on the beach, next to Shutters.  It’s a gorgeous hotel and we thoroughly enjoyed our very short trip there.  The next morning after breakfast we rented beach cruisers and cruised down the boardwalk, spending some time watching an amazing little kid — couldn’t have been more than 5 — catch air at the skateboard park.  Then, back home to sunny San Diego!



  1. this was so much fun, i think it was the highlight for me.

  2. Hey,
    When are you going to write more blogs!?

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